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Somewhat off topic...

Hi everyone...I was just hoping to ask you all a's really like searching for a needle in a hay stack but, I gotta do something!

Four nights ago (Friday, March 11, 2005) at approximately 11:35pm, my car was stolen from in front of my house. I live at 122nd and Greenwood Ave N. It was stolen approximately 15 minutes after I got home, and I actually saw it drive away. When I saw it, it was headed east on 122nd, the general direction being Northgate Mall.

It's a 1989 White Honda Prelude (I know, very generic!) and it has an American University window decal on the back, it has a sliding sun roof, and on the front dash there is a happy bunny sticker and a small yellow stuffed duck. The license plate number is 865-RIM. I know that it's probably a long shot, but I just thought that I would make a post here, asking my fellow Seattle-lites to maybe keep an eye out for it :)

I filed a police report, but who knows if they'll actually be looking for it...anyways, thanks to everyone for your time!


PS. if anyone else here knows of any other communities that I could possibly post this in as well, it would be greatly appreciated!
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