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red means stop, jackass

Hey moron in the maroon Mercury turning from Summit to Pine - a stop sign means stay stopped until all the cross traffic has passed. You're lucky I was driving a little slow because of the rain, and was on the lookout for bad drivers. You almost had to buy me a new car today. And what was with the WTF look you gave me when I had to stand on my breaks and blew my horn? You need to not own a car.

This is twice in one week someone took a right-on-red or right-on-2way-stop in front of me, and my quick brakes being the only thing keeping us from a wreck. In the other incident, I was going straight through a green light and they right-on-redded not into the closest lane, but into my far lane.

I own a black car, and drive with my headlights on at all hours of the day, because people just don't see my car.
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