Schmucky (schmuckythecat) wrote in seattle_drivers,

get OUT of MY way.

Note to SUV drivers, in case you never noticed:
your vehicle is top-heavy by design. You will tip over before your tires lose traction.
your vehicle has horrible weight distribution. It's like driving a pendulum around corners.

So, when the little sports car is trying to pass you on a corner, let him. Don't purposefully drive between lanes blocking people from passing you. I can take that corner (on-off-merge ramp, whatever) at twice the posted limit without flinching - GET OUT OF MY WAY.

Also, this applies to Jetta drivers too, cuz y'all are a stupid lot.
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Wtf....just because I drive a jetta....does NOT make me stupid.

Get out of MY way.
Also, this applies to Jetta drivers too, cuz y'all are a stupid lot.

Snicker. I actually haven't observed a stereotype with Jetta drivers.

However, can we add Subarus and Volvos in there, too? Oh, and Jeep Cherokees? But, wait, those fall under the SUV category...
I ranted about Subaru's and Volvos last year.
Heh. That's a good one.

I rant about Subarus and Volvos at least three times a week. It's not just the station wagon mentality because I don't see this in, for example, Audi station wagons.

My husband and I frequently debate on whether you're a stupid driver before you get the Subaru or Volvo or if it transforms you after you buy it.
That's an excellent debate. A former boss replaced his wife's car with a new Volvo wagon. He didn't drive that wagon-like. The time I drove it, it seemed to handle rather nicely and not wagon-y. I never drove behind her to see if it turned her into that kind of driver. Then it became mostly his wife's car and he bought an Audi S4. Maybe just to be contrarian to what he'd been subjecting himself to though.

My gf drives a subaru sedan. My only complaint about her driving is that she likes to get in behind other vehicles and just bliss out. When they start getting too slow and other lanes are clear I nudge her to pass.

So it must be already poor driving, combined with their new über-caution about their "BABY ON BOARD", and now the "new car excitement" in this lot translates to a sense of entitlement to continue driving poorly.
well... every stereotype has exceptions... i own a Volvo and get pissed at same bad drivers as everyone else... i know how to accelerate around a corner so i can merge at/above freeway speeds.

i am a minority though...
It is very true that every stereotype has exceptions. I live for the exceptions! For instance, I love it when Subarus haul ass! Surprising and makes me smile every time.
I got my first speeding ticket in a Volvo.. 60 in a 40.. ahh memories! Not that that's the first time I've shattered a stereotype
at twice the posted limit without flinching

I used to think that too. And then I hit the offramp where I-5 becomes Hwy 16 on a rainy day at 60mph. I flew through the corner, just like I've done many times before, but this time only to keep turning in circles. I fishtailed on the slick offramp, and ended up hitting the side wall backwards at about 30mph. To top it off, the vehicle behind me that barely was able to break in time was a double-decker tanker truck.

Yes, SUVs suck. But don't always take sport car handling for granted. Sometimes the car in front of you is taking the turn slow out of prior bad experience.
oh yeah, hell no, not in the rain, and not ever in general driving. i just get tired of merging at 30mph because i had to follow an SUV around the ramp.
Funny about the VW deutchbags. I have noticed a bunch of family bastards driving Audi/VW terribly on the freeway. They don't even come close to the aforementioned Volvo or Subaru though IMHO.