Schmucky (schmuckythecat) wrote in seattle_drivers,

Dashed lines mean you can pass.

Those dashed lines down the middle of the road? They mean you can pass the garbage truck in front of you. Yes, even on an urban arterial.
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*snickers* People crack me up these days.
six north seattle mommies driving subarus, volvos, and one ford explorer, all lined up behind a garbage truck as it made its way, stopping every ten feet. They were about two blocks away from a private school, so it must have been enrollment or early start or something.

But FUCK! with six of them, it was unsafe for me to pass all of them at once.
You should have pulled an evil conevil (i know i spelled it wrong).
So when I'm on a 2 lanne Queen anne residentila street, can I pass the retard who's looking at for rent signs?
Seriuos question. the damn lines are dashed yellow!
yes. if it's safe.
Score. retards suck.
OMG Can't spell for shit after a night of havoc.