Anger in Solace (blautsauger) wrote in seattle_drivers,
Anger in Solace

Jackass moron.....

So I am driving home from my date, and this guy in a Subaru, it looks like the Subaru WRX but it isn't, decides to fuck with me. I am driving aggresively, like always, get behind him when the road goes one lane, I don't ride his ass, he waits until he sees me turning left onto a street and then he suddenly "needs" to turn left. It's on the street that he decides to become an asshat. He makes the turn, then drives 15 mph on a street that is 35. The street has literally just been repaved and I give him a moment to speed up, he gets to the next street, still doing 15, and I swing to the inside to pass him. I swear that he was going to cut me off, with me next to him! After I pass him, and I am doing 50(I told you I drive aggresively), he decides to ride my ass all the way to the next light. Come on,is it because I just showed him up in his all wheel drive Subaru "I want to be a WRX when I grow up" with my Honda Civic four banger with 250,000 miles on the clock? Grow up.
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