Noelle's Thoughts (umbra98) wrote in seattle_drivers,
Noelle's Thoughts


Seattle Drivers do. In fact. Suck.

But sometimes I swear the drivers are just subject to really poor street markings. And blind corners.

Every morning I get onto 99 south off of Queen Anne. It is that exit right at the southern end of the Aurora Bridge. If you've ever taken it, you know exactly what I mean. It is one of several entrances to 99 that I like to call a "turn of death."

You can only inch so far to see if anyone is in that righthand lane before you are, youself, in the right hand lane. Then you can either roll back (hopefully the car behind you hasn't inched up as well) - or gun it.

Every morning I see cars blare their horns at eachother. Everyone blaming someone else for this terrible intersection.

My solution? Either add one of those big inverted mirrors that help people see around corners, or make that right hand southbound (heck, and northbound too) RIGHT TURN ONLY lanes.
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