kms1 (kms1) wrote in seattle_drivers,

Angry Miata bitch

I went riding with my buddy last night headed East on 520. We both own sport bikes, so we were going pretty fast in the left hand lane. Along comes a car going significantly slower to our road speed. I flash my lights for her to get over. No dice. I figure she is just another oblivious WA driver and I pass her on the right (also, giving her the one finger salute). Mind you, this happened at about the 148th exit on 520. Anyways, we ride onto Avondale, and then onto Novelty Hill road. On Novelty Hill road this bitch passes us at 90+ mph on the right! In addition as she passes, she flips me off! We had to have been at least 5 car ahead of her for the last 10 miles. Basically, she was so angry that she must have broken every single traffic rule to catch up with us. However, not to be outdone by a lame-ass Miata I passed her dumbass post-haste and returned the salute. I am sure her blood was boiling. The moral of the story is: Don't get pissed when your dumb-ass drives slow in the left lane and someone calls you on it. I am just trying to help people understand, one driver at a time.
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